World’s largest sticker store opens in Toronto


StickerYou: The Store, billed as the “world’s largest sticker store,” has opened its doors in Toronto, and is set to continue expanding throughout 2020. All told, it’s aiming for a hands-on experience that will stay with visitors, including a sticker museum, sticker art exhibition and custom sticker-creation center for on-the-spot projects.

The company, founded in 2008, uses proprietary technology to create customized stickers, labels, decals, iron-ons, temporary tattoos, badges, patches, magnets and more “in orders of one to hundreds of thousands.” As for the store, it’s a mix of physical retail and experiential marketing, complete with a three-story “stickerbombed” design on the storefront, installed in collaboration with 3M.

Company founder and CEO Andrew Witkin notes that at StickerYou, “we make what matters stick.” That goes well beyond the stickiness of an ecommerce page: In September, StickerYou was ranked No. 197 on the Growth 500, Canadian Business and Maclean’s definitive ranking of Canada’s fastest-growing companies.


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