Here comes the bride, all dressed in whatever color she likes


Get anywhere near a millennial wedding these days, and some things are bound to happen. #quickfindthephotobooth

As one 25-year-old woman told Generation Z/millennial researchers YPulse, one of the biggest wedding trends among the 18-36 age group is “trying to be unique but just ending up doing what everyone else does.” YPulse’s 2019 wedding survey explores those commonly unique trends. The top 10 include:

Rustic/barn weddings
Choreographed dances
Destination weddings
Small weddings
Themed weddings
Non-cake desserts such as cupcakes or doughnuts
Color theme
Mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Beyond those, other trends further down the list include photo booths, first-look pictures and a non-white dress for the bride. The biggest surprise? More than half of millennials want their weddings to be “traditional” — even if that means defining their own new traditions.


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