Subscription retailer MeUndies adds value through human resources platform


MeUndies is a subscription and membership-based company with a successful foray into the $130 billion basics market. The company holds up its mission as “building comfort,” derived from “wearing its products and in building community and inclusivity.”

The company values and respects its team’s values, which include balance and relationships and a savvy for championing differences. What was lacking was a human resources platform to match its unique needs as a small business.

“A lot of people are building different sets of skills and priorities on how and where they tap those skills,” says Brittany Martin, HR manager for the eight-year-old company. “As a people programs leader, I know that as things change, we have to change the way we work.”

As MeUndies continued to grow its team into the triple digits, it needed HR help to hire, develop and ultimately retain employees — at the speed of its scale. It turned to Zenefits, a cloud-based HR systems provider, for a platform to help onboard, engage and manage its people.


“With other systems, everything goes to HR to route and sort at every stage of a person’s work journey,” Martin says. “I spent so much time securing signatures on forms before. In Zenefits, document management lets me set up filters to see what groups haven’t signed anything, from onboarding to benefits enrollment. With Zenefits, our people’s background and benefits don’t get lost in someone else’s inbox.”

MeUndies implemented the Zenefits platform in 2015, using it to manage benefits, time and attendance, payroll sync and paid time off systems. Zenefits’ intuitive system allows relevant information to be collected and accessed in a single platform for all of the company’s 155 employees. MeUndies saves time securing signatures on forms through document management filters while keeping important documents safe and private.

“Showing our people that we care — versus telling them we care — is what our company is all about. We’ve set up programs to help inspire work-life balance among our people, which has been crucial in demonstrating our genuine care for our team,” Martin says. “When we stop caring about people, our people will stop caring about our customers.”


The process of implementing Zenefits was seamless. It streamlined the process of onboarding new employees with its technology platform and its integration with a recruiting software partner optimized the daily workflow.

“Zenefits makes everything simpler,” Martin says. “It creates a single, useful and intuitive place to access, update and use information. Zenefits replaces clutter and complexity with relevance and value.”

As a small business, MeUndies was competing in a multi-billion-dollar industry. Its unique subscription and membership model is time-critical, and it needed to grow staff numbers quickly to continue to impact the basics market as a disruptor.

Once operational, the Zenefits platform allowed MeUndies to monitor HR tasks while continuing to develop company culture. With more free time and resources, the HR team was able to focus on other things and build new and innovative programs for its team, including a new learning program. They’re now able to use their energy and resources to reinvest in people without being overwhelmed with paperwork.

“Zenefits makes it easier for us to monitor what should be in the background,” Martin says, “so we can use our time making that journey even more meaningful for our team members.”

Jim Romeo is a writer with a focus on business and technology topics. His work appears widely in industry publications and includes articles about logistics, supply chain and artificial intelligence.


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