Home décor for the ages at The Home Depot


It wasn’t that long ago that studies were highlighting a decline in home ownership among millennials. For some, it might have brought a raised eyebrow or shoulder shrug. For others like The Home Depot, however, it was worth further discussion — and, apparently, an innovative plan.

Business Insider reports that The Home Depot established an internship cohort made up of millennials from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of interests, and began asking what about the retailer was relevant — and what was not. Those relationships have continued over time; the company told Business Insider that there are more than 250 interns this year, working on different projects (and, no doubt, still providing input). Those millennial interns have said, for example, that they would be happy to buy home décor from The Home Depot, so why not offer it?

“One of our thoughts for home décor was, ‘Why do you want to have them buy all these things, and then log off Home Depot and go to Bed Bath and Beyond or Wayfair or whomever else?’” Merchandising EVP Ted Decker told Business Insider. “The millennials are telling us that they’ll buy this product from us. So again, this reinforced why we wanted to add convenience and more of a solution for what’s the single biggest generation in the history of America.”


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