A match made in munchie heaven


Millennials have long been characterized by their desire for “clean” eating and local/organic desires. Two new items — not for the weak of stomach — set everything we think about today’s fast food on its head.

Kentucky Fried Chicken and its former corporate cousin Cheetos have teamed up for a “dangerously cheesy” sandwich. The KFC chicken filet sandwich includes a special Cheetos sauce and crunchy Cheetos.

The marketing launch of the two products was as much of a mashup as the end result. Chester Cheetah — the Cheetos brand spokescat — donned a Colonel suit. He also cheesified a NYC KFC at a pop-up event.

In addition to the decadent sandwich, the co-branded product lineup includes KFC popcorn nuggets drizzled in Cheetos sauce.

While on the subject of decadent fast-food items and top-notch branding, Arby’s has responded boldly to the plant-based “burgers” trend. After restaurants like Red Robin and White Castle added veggie-based Impossible Burgers to their menus, Arby’s has done a 180. With a slogan like “We Have the Meats,” Arby’s introduced the “marrot,” a meat-based faux carrot. There’s no telling whether its turkey-based “marrot” will ever be sold in stores, or whether it simply is a marketing ploy.


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