Pinky swear yields success


Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon. Serena Williams on Teen Vogue. Nicole Kidman at the Emmys. All have one thing in common: They were wearing pinky rings from Shiffon, a startup that focuses on helping other women. The ring is symbolic of a “pinky swear” to support other women.

Founded by Shilpa Yarlagadda and Jenny Wang from their Harvard dorm rooms, Shiffon donates half of the profits from the Duet Pinky Ring collection and 10 percent from all other sales to fund seed grants for female entrepreneurs. The Startup Girl Foundation, a nonprofit venture capital firm, holds equity in each company they invest in, plowing the funds back into the nonprofit.

“Wear the change you want to see” is the company’s motto. It’s clear that Shiffon is doing just that — all while finding an opportunity to stay on mission and grow along with it.



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