Creating a ‘good’ indigo


Hoping to solve an age-old problem? Why not start by re-imagining an age-old process?

Wrangler, the jeans, workwear and clothing brand founded in 1904, has recently released denim apparel dyed with foam. Indigood Foam-Dye entirely replaces the traditional water vats and chemical baths of conventional indigo dyeing. It also reduces energy use and waste by more than 60 percent compared with traditional denim dyeing, according to Wrangler.

Tom Waldron, Wrangler vice president and global brand president, says the effort represents the brand’s “continued commitment to use our global scale to advance the denim industry, while maintaining the authenticity, quality and style that consumers expect from Wrangler.”

Overall, the company has set lofty sustainability goals under its Indigood commitment: 100 percent renewable energy powering all owned and operated facilities by 2025; 1.5 million gallons of water conserved by 2020; 100 percent preferred chemistry throughout its supply chain by 2020; and 100 sustainable cotton by 2025.

The foam-dyed products include jeans, shirts and jackets in light and dark shades. The Indigood products also incorporate recycled cotton, laser finishing and ozone finishing.

Roian Atwood, Wrangler’s director of sustainability, speaks of Indigood raising the bar on what consumers can expect. It could be that it raises the bar for other brands, as well.



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