Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese — and a three-story glass wall


A new three-story, high-tech McDonald’s flagship at the corner of 45th and Broadway in New York City is helping visitors take a decidedly fresh bite out of the Big Apple. The new restaurant, designed by Landini Associates with architecture by Progressive AE, aims to provide a simple, modern and calm atmosphere in the heart of the action — all while allowing diners to see it below through a glass wall. The location offers 18 self-order kiosks, mobile order options, table service and 173 seats in a variety of arrangements to meet unique needs.

McDonald’s has had a presence in Times Square since 1984, but according to the company, this renovated 11,000-square-foot property is the latest effort to change perceptions. The restaurant, for example, has committed to cage-free, fresh-cracked eggs and serves up “100 percent fresh beef burgers” cooked at the time of order. If there’s any concern customers will overlook the flagship, forget it; the new billboard — at 9,280 square feet — is the third-largest in Times Square. Those Golden Arches are firmly planted.


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