Restaurant nibbles away at prices to reduce food waste


Toronto restaurant Farmhouse Tavern takes a creative approach to the end of the weekend by pairing it with end-of the-night leftover food and wine. Food & Environment Reporting Network recently featured the restaurant’s promotion, with hourly discounts aimed at bringing in crowds on Sunday nights. The goal is to move perishable food and open bottles of wine, emptying the fridge for the next three days, when the restaurant will be closed. At the same time, it allows diners — and drinkers — one last gasp of indulgence before the workweek begins.

The restaurant began the promotion when it opened in 2012; chalkboard menus are used to cross off items as they disappear — creating a sense of urgency at the same time. Entrees end up being half price, and glasses of wine from open bottles go for under $7. The feature points out the restaurant is “not cheap, and Toronto is not an inexpensive city.” But it also mentions upscale treats like shaved Brussels sprouts, short rib pasta and oysters. Freshness is highly prized at Farmhouse Tavern — and that’s well represented in its ideas, too.



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