Wallet feminists, unite


Boston-based ecommerce site Dough is highlighting women-owned businesses with the launch of a subscription-based service. The effort took off in June with 1,000 founding memberships, available for $89 on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s an opportunity for women to support women with their wallets, says co-founder Vanessa Bruce. “Rather than wait for more than 100 years for change to trickle down from the top — which is how long it would take at the current pace — we created Dough to make equity from the bottom up.”

Members receive access to personally curated products, exclusive pricing and discounts, secret collections, gifts and more. The new subscriber starter kit includes items from brands such as Dagne Dover and GOLDE, and new features are added weekly. Dough continues to add to its roster of woman-owned brands.

Before catching the eye of women, Dough first caught the attention of investors: It has raised a $1.4 million in funding led by Flybridge Capital, Able Partners and others. In an age of inclusivity, it’s a fascinating take on leveling the playing field.


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