A long and cheesy — yet not at all cheesy — campaign


Rush, rush, rush? When it comes to pizza, not so fast. Sargento introduced its Reserve Series, featuring aged cheeses, with a “world’s slowest pizza” campaign. Consumers were able to order a free pizza on April 29 — but had to wait between four and 18 months for delivery. The idea was to emphasize just how long it takes for these quality cheeses to age. There is, for example, a 14-month aged Parmesan, an aged Italian blend, an 18-month aged cheddar and a six-month aged gouda in the Reserve Series shredded cheese line.

The Ogilvy-created campaign — which cheekily asked consumers just how long they were willing to wait — was limited to the first 100 orders within a Chicago delivery area, and those taking part have been able to follow their delivery date on the website (and watch their cheese age on the “live cheese cam.”). Those 100 initial pizzas will be prepared by Big G’s Pizza, a local eatery, but for everyone else, the recipes are posted at the SlowestPizzaDelivery.com site.



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