A sober group


While we’re on the subject of millennials, there’s yet another way they are changing society. In fact, let’s go ahead and brand them the “moderation millennials” — at least when it comes to drinking, according to the millennial and Generation Z marketing firm Ypulse.

The firm’s survey indicated that 16 percent of those aged 21 to 36 never drink alcohol, with another 35 percent saying they drink less than once a week. The perception that drinking too much is uncool is shared by 82 percent of those surveyed.

Dry January — an event in which participants vow to abstain for 31 days — has had an impact on alcohol sales, Forbes reports: It cites millennials as more actively participating in the event than other age groups.

So where are millennials spending their extra cash and unwinding? Food tends to drive the weekend menu much more than drinks, according to Ypulse. It found that 71 percent of millennials base their going-out preferences on food versus drinks and that restaurants top nightclubs in places where they like to go.



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