Fragrance flights of fancy


There are some things that the ecommerce experience still can’t completely capture. Finding a new fragrance would definitely be on the list.

The Fragrance Shop, a leading independent fragrance retailer in the United Kingdom, regularly offers free samples for those who order online, but its Sniff Bar concept expands on the idea. Each standalone Sniff Bar sells 100 products from brands such as Bulgari, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and the like, blending the “physical and the digital” and providing access to a consultant onsite. Shoppers can sniff various fragrances, scan product-specific QR codes to order, receive assistance from the consultant and take home a sample to enjoy until the delivery arrives.

The first Sniff Bar appeared as a pop-up at a London gala in late 2018; three more pop-ups followed in the pre-Christmas season. Since officially launching, the company has reported 66 percent more new customers through Sniff Bars than its online offering. It’s no surprise that an additional 15 Sniff Bars are planned across the United Kingdom for 2019.



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