Pic or no noodles for you


Instagram might not give life, but it can apparently give Nissin Cup Noodles and other prizes. Digital media influencer FOODBEAST has teamed up with Nissin Foods USA to create vending machines that use Instagram “likes” as currency. The first machines appeared in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in March; consumers can follow
@foodbeastdreammachine on Instagram to see where the #DreamMachines will be next.

Here’s how they work: Users push a button for a unique hashtag, then post a photo with the machine on Instagram including the hashtag as well as tagging @foodbeast and @originalcupnoodles. Then they follow onscreen instructions to claim their prize. Though the machines are retrofitted 1970s-model contraptions, the campaign allows users to engage in a very modern way.

“We know how active our fans are on social media,” says Jaclyn Park, vice president of marketing at Nissin. The machines offer a “surprising new way we can connect with our fans and thank them with fun prizes for including Cup Noodles in their social conversations.”


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