A toast to traceability


The idea of counterfeit whisky might not be top of mind to most, but it is to whisky manufacturer Ailsa Bay. The Scotland-based company is using blockchain to capture its full distilling and manufacturing process — ensuring consumers both traceability and authenticity. At the same time, the company can collect information to help “maintain brand protection,” using mobile location services to see where it is being bought and consumed.

The BBC reported late last year that 21 of 55 rare Scotch whiskies tested in one study turned out to be fake. Aside from duping buyers, there also have been reports of poisoning and death.

Ailsa Bay, then, is right on time. The distillery, which is owned by William Grant & Sons, has worked with blockchain technology company arc-net to pull it off. Blockchain allows data to be stored and shared,
but not altered.

Forbes reports the move is “a more ambitious rollout of technology that was already previously used in the industry.” Similar blockchain experiments have taken place between arc-net and smaller distillery Ardnamurchan.


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