Just say yes to gnocchi


Apparently, one can never have enough gnocchi — or enough different kinds of it. These humble little dumplings of dough can now be found in flavors such as saffron or pecorino and pink peppercorn, encased behind glass and served up by a concierge for on-the-spot cooking or taking home. The place is Patavini, a New York City shop, and in addition to the variety of gnocchi, it also offers extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars, sauces, preserves and more.

Patavini bills itself as “Italian specialty food boutique on one side and an open-concept kitchen area for artisanal gnocchi production on the other.” Offerings are broken into seasonal, traditional, healthy, gourmet, stuffed and chef’s special categories; a recent menu shows cook-at-home prices from $15.98-$29.98 per pound, and ready-to-eat from $12.99-$19.99 per half-pound portion. The fact that the place even exists is only part of the tasty surprise; there are adventures such as pistachio and mortadella, salty caramel, squid ink, beetroot and ricotta and lemon gnocchi to be tried.



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