Form-fitted takes on a whole new meaning


For anyone who has ever wondered if fit models with the same measurements as clothing exist, a creative — and potentially addictive — solution is on its way. Direct-to-consumer company Ministry of Supply now has the capability to adjust clothing on the spot to fit better, using only heat. After the customer’s measurements are taken, an in-store robot armed with a heat gun will take care of the rest. The changes, which are permanent, are possible due to the way the fabric’s materials interact with each other when warmed up.

Working with the Self-Assembly Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ministry of Supply soon will offer a sweater as the first item to be customized this way instore. Ministry of Supply is increasingly known for incorporating performance materials into workwear, and creatively using tech to, for example, take a thermal map of a customer’s body and then add ventilation to the areas it might most be needed for cooling.

As Ministry of Supply continues to advance its science, its offerings and its various methods of customization, the goal is also to increase its scale. As co-founder and President Gihan Amarasiriwardena has said, “The vision is one-hour photo. That’s something we’d love to bring to clothing.”

Athanasia Nomikou/


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