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If it seems like Generation Y consumers are always shopping with their phones, well, they are. New research from GfK shows that 73 percent of those ages 29-38 report using a smartphone for shopping over the last six months. That’s compared with just 33 percent of baby boomers (ages 54-72) and 59 percent of Generation X (ages 39-53). Boomers are still most likely to use a home computer or laptop, GfK reports, and Generation Y is the most likely of the generations to use a tablet.

The report, part of GfK’s FutureBuy series, also notes that younger shoppers are more enthusiastic about mobile payment. More than half of those in Gen Y and Gen Z (ages 19-28, combined) find mobile payment easier, faster and more efficient than other methods; just under half say they prefer to pay with a mobile device. For boomers, those numbers are substantially lower, with only 11 percent favoring mobile payment.

One thing that is consistent across generations — and might be of note to retailers — is concern about the perceived risks of paying by mobile, felt by 57 percent of Gen Z and 61 percent of boomers.

Also worth noting: a word of advice from Joe Beier, GfK executive vice president of consumer insights. “In the quest to build relationships with shoppers, your executions need to consider the generational profiles of your target. Programming that might be highly encouraging to a Gen Y shopper risks falling flat with a boomer. Knowing your audience has never been more important.”

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