“Embark” on a journey of pet discovery


Many folks would list dogs among their favorites. Oprah, in presenting her own 2018 collection of Favorite Things, took that a step further: She included the Embark Dog DNA Test, which lets owners discover their beloved pet’s breed, ancestry, health and more.

As we humans increasingly desire — demand? — the best for our furry family members, it’s no surprise that such a service would catch on. Embark bounds freely into territory where others have yet to go. In addition to being billed as the “most accurate test on the market” because it uses “100 times more genetic information than anyone else,” Embark’s Dog DNA Test provides family trees that go back to great-grandparents, has veterinary geneticists on staff to answer customer questions and recently made a discovery in non-human direct-to-consumer genomics that was covered by National Geographic and others, according to the company.

Embark’s mission — other than satisfying the curiosity of pet parents — is to end preventable disease in dogs. The research-grade DNA genotyping platform looks at more than 250 breeds and more than 175 genetic health conditions and traits.


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