Crocs biting into a new generation?


Imagine the surprise — and elation — for Crocs Chief Marketing Officer Terence Reilly. Rapper Post Malone has been extolling the virtues of the comfort and casual shoe brand, saying he wears them “everywhere from the bar to the stage.”

“Amidst his record-setting year, when Post tweeted ‘U can tell a lot about a man by the Jibbitz in his Crocs,’ that really got our attention,” Reilly says. (For the uninitiated/decidedly behind the times, Jibbitz are shoe charms that allow users to express their unique identity.) “Post Malone is a beloved creator and represents what it means to be comfortable in your own shoes,” Reilly continues, “so collaborating on product design is special. We’re thrilled with how the Post Malone x Crocs Dimitri Clog turned out and excited about what’s to come. Stay tuned.”

Crocs has been having quite the season. In addition to the collaboration with Malone — and streetwear brand Alife, among other ventures — the brand is rising in the ranks with Generation Z. “The Crocs we know today have been around for more than a decade,” Vox reports. “Their existence just happened to overlap with the fact that suddenly, their particular brand of ugly is on trend.”


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