When money just goes up in smoke


Don’t remember making that purchase? For sure?

A recent report by personal finance comparison website finder.com showed Americans spend roughly $62 billion annually on purchases made under the influence of narcotics, depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens and the like. And for those who thought drunk shopping could be costly, consider this: According to finder.com, “stoned shopping sprees” cost an average of $1,129 per person, about 150 percent more than what shoppers spend under the influence of alcohol.

More than half of those who take drugs — 55 million out of 92 million people — say they have made a spontaneous purchase while high. Food — surprise, surprise — tops the list of what they‘re buying (30 percent), followed by cigarettes (20 percent), gambling (19 percent), apparel (18 percent) and, well, more drugs (13 percent).

Also worth a moment of contemplation: These doped-up shoppers confess to purchasing vacations, furniture, artwork and even pets. Yikes.

Men who admit shopping while high spend an average of $1,356, compared with $785 for women. Generation Y spends the most while high, followed by Generation X; consumers who are divorced spend the most when it comes to marital status.

“Move over, 4/20,” quips finder.com consumer advocate Jennifer McDermott. “Every day seems to be a holiday for high shoppers.”

Photo credit: ©ISTOCK.COM/greenaperture


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