Creating enlightened displays


Shoppers have come to expect dynamic content in ecommerce. Why not in stores? Epson is working to capture the attention of bricks-and-mortar shoppers with LightScene, an accent lighting laser projector that simultaneously illuminates and projects dynamic content on “virtually any surface or material to engage audiences.”

“The most successful businesses are those who understand an emotional connection means lasting customer loyalty,” says Remi Del Mar, senior product manager with Epson America. “We created LightScene to empower retailers to create captivating, immersive environments, reviving the excitement of going out to shop and connecting customers to new products and brands.”

Epson highlights several different ways LightScene — which it terms “a convergence of lighting and display technology” — can be used: A store wall could feature dynamically changing images or a live social feed; shop windows could be enhanced with different templates, effects, color filters and customizable options; and product information could be projected right onto the objects on display, whether fabric, hard surface or other material.

LightScene’s technology allows for up to 20,000 hours of “virtually maintenance-free operation,” according to Epson; it comes in black or white and includes vertical and horizontal rotation, edge-blending and 360-degree mounting on ceilings, walls, floors or tracks.


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