Dove helps self-esteem soar


Kids grow, and the Dove Self-Esteem Project keeps growing right along with them. In a stellar example of a brand that sticks with a message for the long term, Dove has a goal of reaching 40 million young people with the tools and encouragement to develop a positive self-image by 2020. Dove says the project, founded in 2004, is the world’s largest provider of self-esteem education, and it already exists in 140 countries.

The program has resources for parents, mentors, teachers and youth leaders to help young people overcome low body confidence and anxieties over their appearance. The free downloadable offerings were created by experts in psychology, health and body image and range from activities to curriculum-aligned body confidence workshops for students.

Last year, the project added another element, a partnership with Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe. The collaboration includes a series of six short animated films directed by Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar, the first of which premiered last spring. In addition, there’s Dove’s new Girl Collective, a “self-esteem sisterhood” complete with online and offline components. It launched with the help of writer/producer Shonda Rhimes, singer Sza and transgender rights activist Jazz Jennings — in addition to a workshop in Los Angeles.

Sophie Galvani, Dove global vice president, says the company is “passionate about evolving the types of messages the next generation is receiving through media.”


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