Pac-Man eats up nostalgia with Red Bull


Pac-Man on Red Bull? In perhaps the gnarliest partnership since the 1980s, a limited-edition version of Red Bull Energy Drink has been offering special codes under its tabs to unlock Red Bull-themed gameplay experiences with the Pac-Man mobile app.

In the “powered-up retro experience,” Pac-Man can chomp a Red Bull can and then take on a ghost in its
non-edible form. Cherries also have been replaced
by Red Bull letters.

“After nearly 40 consecutive years of chasing ghosts, even Pac-Man sometimes needs a Red Bull,” says Toshihiko Naoe, director of mobile at Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. “We’re excited to unite these two revolutionary brands for an electrifying partnership.”

That’s not all: In full recognition and understanding of Gen Xers’ reputation as independent, creative thinkers, a micro-site allows consumers to customize the iconic sounds of the 1980s game on a digital soundboard. Anyone of any age can play; it’s a totally rad nod to a time gone by all the same.


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