Delving into the “rewards” of cannabis


For anyone still contemplating the benefits of legal marijuana, MassRoots has, well, sweetened the pot. MassRoots, a leading technology platform for the regulated cannabis industry, introduced its WeedPass rewards program for cannabis users in late September. Within a couple of weeks, more than 50 participating dispensaries were on board, and WeedPass customers had already earned more than 650 tickets for sporting events and festivals.

MassRoots allows consumers to make “educated purchasing decisions through community-driven reviews,” according to press materials. The mobile apps are powered by more than 1 million registered users.

As for WeedPass, it launched with availability in California and Colorado markets; the intent is to expand to every state with a regulated cannabis market. Rewards include concert, movie and sports tickets and the like, and WeedPass charges dispensaries a listing fee of roughly $15 to $20 per ticket to place the rewards on its platform. Consumers claim the rewards directly at the dispensary by spending a particular amount (currently $50 to $75). The program began testing in August.

“We believe WeedPass’s unique structure can drive significant purchasing volume to the thousands of dispensaries across the United States by offering compelling rewards for mainstream cannabis consumers,” says Isaac Dietrich, MassRoots’ CEO.



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