Any way you slice it, it’s a permanent reminder


Domino’s Pizza had significantly more diehard fans in Russia than it realized. The company announced a promotion in which anyone who tattooed its logo on their body would receive free pizza for life. The promotion was supposed to last for two months, but response was so swift that it was shut down within days.

The “Domino’s Forever” campaign was launched on August 31 on VKontakte, Russia’s equivalent to Facebook. It was fairly straightforward: Post a pic on social media of a tattoo in a visible place with the #dominosforever hashtag and receive 100 free pizzas a year of any size for 100 years.

One young woman, 24-year-old Natalia Koshkina, added a Domino’s logo above her left kneecap due to the promotion. “Who doesn’t want free food?” she told The Wall Street Journal. Others apparently worked the simple logo into more intricate designs.

By September 3, Domino’s had adjusted the rules of the promotion: In its second iteration, the first 350 people to post pics of their tats — at least 2 centimeters in size — would receive 100 medium-sized pizzas annually. The next day, however, the promotion stopped altogether with a midday cutoff. In all, the paper reported, 381 people qualified.

The lesson to be learned? It’s anyone’s guess how far consumers will go with their brand devotion, their love of pizza — or their desire for free food.


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