Luxury: Always in the bag


Why invest in just one luxury bag when the original outlay can keep paying dividends? Rebag, billing itself as “the ultimate destination for buying and selling luxury handbags,” has introduced Rebag Infinity, the latest offering in the on-demand economy.

The idea is to let shoppers “refresh” as often as they like: They purchase a bag, carry it for up to half a year, exchange it for a credit worth at least 70 percent of the original purchase price — and then put that credit toward another bag.

“With Rebag Infinity we are facilitating an infinite cycle, where shoppers can reinvest their Rebag Credit endlessly and always carry the bag of their dreams,” Rebag founder and CEO Charles Gorra said. “Providing a predetermined resale outcome at the time of the initial purchase will influence consumers’ buying decisions. Rebag continues to exist on the cutting-edge of the transparent, instantaneous retail process.”

Handbags can be accessed through the mobile app or website, as well as at bricks-and-mortar shops in New York. And as for “instantaneous”? Sellers can receive payment in less than 60 minutes.


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