Brothers wake up coffee industry


Leave it to a worn-out college student to develop the latest in coffee. Looking for a lift to make it through classes and basketball back in 2015, Jordan DeCicco was not impressed by energy drinks and bottled coffees laden with sugar and carbs. So he came up with his own, using a blender in his dorm room.

Super Coffee is the result; the keto-friendly, high-protein product delivers fuel from the healthy fats of coconut oil. The coffee is sugar free, lactose free and gluten free and available in unsweetened, hazelnut, mocha and vanilla flavors. Parent company Kitu also offers Super Creamer in vanilla, hazelnut and original flavors.

As for the ability to stockpile them in a dorm or elsewhere, the products have a nine-month shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. DeCicco, incidentally, has kept things all in the family: Older brother Jimmy DeCicco serves as CEO and middle brother Jake DeCicco is COO. All three are still in their 20s.

Photo credit: Brian A. Jackson/


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