Redirect on aisle 7


What’s the solution when things don’t turn out as planned? Texas-based grocer H.E.B. owns up to it and redirects. The Houston Chronicle reported in August that H.E.B. would close a 28,000-square-foot store at Memorial Drive and Dairy Ashford Road in the city; it simply wasn’t large enough to keep up with customer demands for selection and perishables.

President Scott McClelland shared the news on the Memorial Area Eats! Facebook group, where residents had already been criticizing the store’s shortcomings. “I know many will be disappointed by this decision and will wonder why we didn’t just remodel. Those economics don’t work in a 28k store. There just isn’t enough space to fit everything that you would be looking for,” he wrote in his post. The space will become an ecommerce warehouse to support H.E.B.’s home delivery and curbside pickup offerings. It marks the company’s first ecommerce warehouse in Houston; there will be another in H.E.B.’s home base of San Antonio.


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