Out of the office


Continuing the theme of doing things that are good for us, L.L.Bean has launched an initiative to help people get out of the office. Working with coworking space provider Industrious, L.L.Bean has brought an outdoor coworking space to several cities throughout the United States. The Manhattan space includes a collaborative conference area, cycling desks and outdoor team-building activities.

The project is designed to close the gap between people who see themselves as outdoors people and those who are able to spend time outside. The survey of inside office workers found that a whopping 87 percent said they enjoyed the outdoors, but 75 percent rarely or never have time to work outside. The same survey found workers are more likely to do creative and relationship-based work outside. And being in nature improves mood and lowers stress levels.

One big hurdle: company culture. Only half of respondents thought their bosses or coworkers would support working outside.

The website BeAnOutsideratWork.com includes tips for those who can’t make it to one of L.L.Bean’s coworking spaces. It includes ideas on how to bring the outdoors into the workday.


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