Paving for pizza, AKA marketing genius


In this day of targeted media, standing out can be hard. But imagine being stuck in traffic caused by a pothole crew. As the minutes tick by, the hunger grows. What if that paving truck was decked out in familiar red, white and blue with a domino on it?

Domino’s Pizza bills its latest promotion, Paving for Pizza, as a way to “save pizza, one pothole at a time.” It sounds like a way to get marketing buzz in the oversaturated field of pizza delivery: Customers can nominate their towns for road repair grants, smoothing the way for customers to get piping hot pizza relatively free from drama.

Of course, this may be a bit of self-preservation — last year the company launched a “carryout insurance” program for pizzas that don’t make it home. And goodness knows, hitting a pothole certainly can wreck a vehicle’s alignment. If said vehicle just happens to be carrying dinner, well, the collision might just cause the cheese to stick to the top of the box as pepperonis become flying objects.

The project works on a couple of levels. It not only gets attention for the company, but it also helps with a low unemployment-induced driver shortage in many markets, since it encourages carryout.


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