Alliances: The way to go


If one needs proof that the future lies in pairings, consider these new alliances. ASOS has teamed up with Crayola for a new makeup line that appeals to millennial nostalgia, harkening back to childhood with products and packaging that look like those old yellow boxes. Shades come in familiar colors like dandelion and cerulean. The line also reflects the demands of millennial shoppers, ensuring the products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Another millennial favorite is at the other end of the spectrum: Twitter. Swedish beer maker Norrlands Guld created the perfect pairing for the World Cup. Working with the brand’s agency, Norrlands Guld built a printer that uses malt-based inks. An algorithm scanned Twitter for World Cup-related tweets, which were scaled to fit within the beer foam. Alcohol and Twitter don’t often mix. But this time it worked.



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