A second life for Play-Doh


There’s just something so Velveteen Rabbit about Hasbro’s new recycling program. Once-loved toys that have been outgrown by their owners can find a new, useful life — this time as playground equipment or park benches.

Any Hasbro toy — face-to-face game, plastic and electronic toys, action figures, dolls, plush, etc. — can be boxed up and sent to TerraCycle, which sorts and recycles the products. A bonus: During the pilot program, it’s free to consumers — including the shipping.

It’s just the latest step in Hasbro’s work to reduce the environmental impacts of its products and packaging. It also is the perfect alignment of corporate goals with customer preferences. Millennials care about the environment, with about two-thirds ranking it as their biggest parental concern. Given that this age group now accounts for 80 percent of births in the United States, Hasbro’s recycling program solves a pain point for parents while allowing them to feel good about the world they are leaving for their children.



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