What are the odds?


Baseball stats geeks throw around the numbers about no-hitters — in which a pitcher prevents the opposing team from earning a base hit. Suffice it to say, they are rare. And for the Boston Red Sox, exceedingly so. As of press time, the team had not pitched a no-hitter since 2008.

So it’s a safe bet that Jordan’s Furniture won’t have to pay out on this promotion: Buy furniture between now and the All-Star Break in July. If a Red Sox pitcher throws a no-hitter between then and the end of the season, everyone’s purchases are free.

Just like the underdog in any sport, it’s the hope that keeps the promotion alive. The furniture store — known for entertainment features in its store like IMAX 3D theaters, a four-level ropes course, indoor shows, an iconic holiday village display and full-service restaurants — has paid out millions in the past. In 2007, it bet fans that the team would not win the World Series. It did, and the retailer ate $30 million worth of furniture sales.



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