Holy guacamole!


Need to boost interest in an online dating profile? Guacamole might just do the trick, according to dating site Zoosk, which ranked what works and doesn’t when it comes to mentioning food.

Guacamole will increase inbound messages by a whopping 144 percent. Potatoes (101 percent) and chocolate (100 percent) also rank high. Yams, on the other hand, will cause messages to drop by 77 percent. Protein is the most popular food group — upping responses by 36 percent. Thanksgiving — a holiday with plenty of protein, but sans guacamole — was ranked as the best holiday among online daters.

While food may draw attention initially, it can be as dicey as jalapeños in that guacamole if the relationship moves to the next level. Most mentions of food in an initial email message make it less likely that you’ll receive a reply (including, for some unexplained reason, both avocadoes and guacamole).

As if online daters didn’t have enough rules to follow. Now, they must know when to name check guacamole and when it’s a risky move.



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