Forget airport lines: Go to the beach instead


There is nothing more frustrating than wasting the last day of a beach vacation fooling with luggage transfers and long waits at the airport — all while the sun is shining and the water beckons. Virgin Holidays has made the transition back to reality a little more seamless with its Departure Beach, due to open this summer in Barbados.

Travelers who book a Virgin Holidays Barbados vacation can access the beach for a small additional fee. Virgin will pick them up, send their luggage to the airport and deliver them to the Departure Beach. A locker is provided to store any carry-on bags. Guests can enjoy a drink at the bar or lunch; if they decide to swim, they’ll be provided a beach towel and a plastic bag to store their wet suit, and showers ensure they’ll head to the airport free of sand and sunscreen. If they prefer to relax instead of sunning, an air-conditioned lounge includes games, plasma screens and free Wi-Fi.

So far, it’s only planned for U.K. visitors, but there is a lesson here for all. Elimination of pain points at any juncture in the customer journey is in high demand. Now if only Virgin Holidays could eliminate the need to return to work the next day.



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