Chillin’ in Milan


Even in the coldest months of the year, Milan, doesn’t see average temperatures below freezing. And yet, as the so-called “Fashion Capital of the World,” it’s an important location for retailers. So when outerwear brand Woolrich opened a flagship store there, it took winter to the shoppers.

The new store features an Extreme Weather Condition Room, which features artificial snow and reaches subzero temperatures. (There’s also immersive footage of extreme cold environments to get shoppers in the right state of mind.)

It’s just one phase of experiential shopping in the new store, including a charging station, espresso lounge and a museum that pays homage to the brand’s signature items. Clothes can be altered or personalized. The company says the store will change its look constantly and play host to a number of events.

The customer experience continues to be in high demand — and for Woolrich, it means getting creative when taking that experience into new places.


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