Reebok suits up


Reebok is partnering with Savile Row tailors Huntsman & Sons to make a suit from the fitness brand’s innovative Flexweave material. It’s being created specifically for football player/Reebok Running ambassador Brandin Cooks, but the prototype could change the way fabric is looked at.

The Flexweave material to be used for the suit is made of chenille yarn in a figure-eight weave, and is geared for durability, fit and performance. The companies are calling the collaboration Reebok x Huntsman, and the suit is expected for delivery to Cooks in February. In the meantime, Huntsman has delivered sketches of style and cut, and will be undergoing testing and experimentation.

“This a unique, creative and exciting proposition from Reebok,” says Campbell Carey, head cutter and creative director of Huntsman. “After closely examining Flexweave, we were both surprised and inspired by the challenge of using this non-traditional material to create a bespoke garment. The perfect suit is a fusion between fit, comfort and style — working with Flexweave to hit each of these essentials is an experiment we’ll relish.”


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