A fresh way to connect with an audience


One of the most attractive elements of a live event like a concert or festival is the sense of shared experience. A tech device from startup Hurdl is taking that to a whole new level. The “Pixl” LED wearable offers fans downloads, prizes and other unique offerings after activation with a mobile phone messaging service. Meanwhile, organizers can capture significant data from audience members as they enter details and answer questions. The real-time engagement with fans could be a boon to marketers, brands, sponsors and artists.

But it’s also fun. The wearable looks a bit like a watch, and users light it up by pulling a tab and sending the text.

The Pixl had its official debut at the Country Music Association Awards — Hurdl is based in Nashville — but they’ve also been seen at live Disney shows and music events; most recently, Hurdl was named a 2017 finalist in the Wall Street Journal’s D.Live Global Startup Showcase.

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