Leveling the playing field


We’ve all been there, standing in a store, trying to remember the exact color of that favorite blouse. Will these pants match? The only way to tell is to buy the blouse, take it home and hope it works — or plan a return trip to the store.

Brass Stores is changing that. Shoppers can visit the Boston Style Studio with a few favorite pieces and learn how to mix and match them with Brass Stores’ foundational garments.

It’s part of the company’s philosophy of wardrobe building: Collect 20-30 pieces that easily can be mixed and matched, and end up with a chic wardrobe for the upwardly mobile woman.

Brass is out to solve the “wardrobe gap,” the differences in how men and women are expected to dress in the workplace. Its founders started by forming a focus group of women and ended up consulting with 1,000 in all.
The company is also tackling the waste inherent in today’s fast fashion by promoting “ethical manufacturing.” It’s clear Brass is worth watching as it attempts to change the world, one pair of black pants at a time.


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