Betting on buzz


The wave of the future is cresting and Millennials are riding high, beginning with what they love: technology and coffee. Verizon’s Next Gen store offers an improved customer experience with streamlined design. In addition to providing staff picks, different areas give customers suggestions based on needs (a perfect fit for those who stereotypically have no qualms about stating wants and expectations or seeking the opinion and approval of others).

As for European coffee maker Nespresso, the company has opened a two-level boutique in Manhattan. Upon entering, shoppers are met with a tasting of carefully selected coffee from the permanent range of Grand Cru or limited-edition releases. Shoppers also can explore Nespresso machines, attend a coffee cooking class or recycle Nespresso coffee capsules.

Bloomberg reported in 2016, by the way, that those in the 19-34 age group were pushing U.S. coffee demand to “historic records” — Millennials, according to Bloomberg, consume 44 percent of the coffee in the country.


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