Netflix and really chill


“Netflix and chill” has a certain connotation: The slang expression means to watch a movie and do things we don’t talk about in an at-work publication. Now the entertainment company has created a pairing that takes “chill” a few steps further: When it came time for the premiere of its series “Disjointed,” the story of a cannabis dispensary owner, Netflix marked the occasion by offering different strains of legal cannabis at a pop-up in West Hollywood.

Netflix’s latest effort to tie a marketable product to a show is a far reach from its Gilmore Girls revival-related candle; the varieties available at the pop-up paid homage to Netflix original series like “Orange is the New Black,” “BoJack Horseman” and “Arrested Development.” Netflix said each was designed to complement the related series title.

While it may be easy to chalk the campaign up to marketing genius, perhaps the promotion didn’t go quite far enough. Where’s the natural tie-in with Doritos and pizza?


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