Movies: For one low monthly price


There’s no doubt that Hollywood is in trouble. The 2017 summer box office was the lowest since 2006. But have you seen the cost of tickets lately? The average price is $8.95, according to the National Association of Theater Owners.

What if you could go to as many 2D movies as you wanted for just slightly more each month? That’s the basis of MoviePass, a movie subscription service that opens up 4,000 theaters and 36,000 screens. Subscribers can see as many 2D movies as they like, with no blackout dates or restrictions.

Movie theaters benefit, too: When MoviePass offered its $9.95 monthly subscription in August, one participating theater chain reported attendance increased by 2,000 percent in a week. Another saw an increase of 884 percent.

MoviePass hit 150,000 subscribers in its first few days — instead of the 15 months that owners had anticipated. It’s also well on its way to disproving the idea that we’d all rather be sitting at home watching Netflix. It seems that we’re not all hermits; we might just be price conscious.


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