Stretch Relief


Kika Stretch Studios helps its clients release tension and relieve pain through passive, safe, therapeutic stretching.

Owner and founder Hakika DuBose used her knowledge of anatomy to create an assisted therapeutic approach to stretching after noticing that “people weren’t stretching correctly and there was a need to help them.” The basic 32-posture sequence is based “on areas of physical tension common to everyone.”

The popularity of DuBose’s unique assisted stretching sequence has been so strong that in less than three years, her three studios will reach $1 million in sales this year.

Retail is doing its part, with sales up 40 percent versus last year. The expanding product mix consists of apparel, balance balls, cervical and body pillows, hand-held massagers and, most recently, Arbonne plant-powered nutritional products.

Retail shops, averaging 450 square feet, are at the front of the 1,200-square foot studios which each have three treatment rooms. Sessions cost $70 for 45 minutes and $80 for an hour.

Dubose’s first storefront studio opened in Montclair, N.J., in 2013; she has plans to open two each year for the next five years, primarily in New York and New Jersey. Her customer base has grown and now exceeds 2,800, many coming at least once a week.

Studio colors are sage green and lavender; with soft music and lights. Ideal locations are on downtown main streets with “lots of boutique shops which the community supports,” DuBose says.

Kika Stretch Studios
Montclair, N.J.
Owner, Founder and CEO: Hakika DuBose
Locations: 3

Liz Parks is a Union City, N.J.-based writer with extensive experience reporting on retail, pharmacy and technology issues.


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