Brains in your back pocket


These days, everything has gone smart. Why should the wallet be left behind?

The new Volterman Smart Wallet is smart enough that if it is indeed left behind, it will snap a picture of anyone who opens it, email the wallet’s owner and provide a GPS tracking system so that it can be found.

The wallet, which includes a GPS tracking system and camera, can pair with the user’s phone via Bluetooth, signaling an alarm when the wallet and phone are separated. No more left wallets, no more lost phones.

But this isn’t just about locating a wallet; it’s about taking functionality several steps ahead. A built-in battery charger charges the phone wirelessly. The wallet itself also can be charged wirelessly via an optional leather charging pad or old-fashioned cable. It can act as a 3G Wi-Fi hotspot, and RFID protection prevents credit cards from being read.

Ultimately, it’s still a wallet, offered as a bifold, cardholder or travel wallet in Napa leather or faux leather options. Even with all the functionality, the company says it’s similar in size to a traditional wallet.

Launched as an Indiegogo campaign — one that raised $1.1 million — it initially is being sold only through that channel and expects to begin shipping in December.


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