Don’t get mad — get prepared


No company wants to think about a recall or crisis scenario. But when they don’t, a significant amount of anger can be the result. A recent survey by Marketpoint Recall, conducted online by Harris Poll, found that 85 percent of Americans would be angered by a crisis or product recall. Further, more than three in five Americans say a slow response to the situation — or a refusal to acknowledge it — would make them angry.

“When a company isn’t prepared for a recall or crisis scenario, it escalates the problem tenfold, not only harming the brand’s image, but negatively impacting customer loyalty,” says Peter Gillett, managing director of Marketpoint Recall. “Our survey revealed that if a company takes too long to address an issue, or doesn’t have the proper tools to communicate with customers around the globe, it risks damage beyond repair. In order to calm and reassure customers, quick and clear communication is essential.”

What should that communication involve? Providing regular updates on the recall, being active on social media and ensuring there is no language barrier between the company and consumers; the lack of any of those will only serve to anger consumers further, according to the survey.


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