In reality, nothing’s picture-perfect


Wait: Your house and doesn’t look as tidy and sparse as those in TV ads? Nah, ours doesn’t either.

Rather than making consumers feel bad about that fact, Havertys is championing normalcy with its “Havertys Can Make Your Home Look Perfect, Even When Life Isn’t” campaign. Directed by Oscar nominee Ted Melfi, director/screenwriter of “Hidden Figures,” the series of spots was created in conjunction with the Kansas City-based Unbound agency. The idea is to drive “an authentic connection with consumers who ultimately seek comfort at home to escape the outside world.”

Melfi describes the collaboration as being comfortable with “celebrating the unvarnished truth of real life.”
The furniture campaign includes five 30-second spots. Two debuted last fall, and the remaining three began airing in May. In one, the family deals with raccoons in the attic. In another, nobody wants to answer the door — and there’s a sweepstakes check waiting on the other side. In yet another, an Alexa-like virtual assistant gives away a little too much information.

“The spots are forward-looking and almost irreverent,” Melfi says. “They’re relatable because they’re us.”
Three cheers for a fresh look at truth in advertising — as humorous as that truth can be.


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