Staying true to the brew


Entrepreneur Dan White had never owned a restaurant and wasn’t the biggest fan of beer before creating Growler USA, an emerging franchise chain specializing in American-brewed craft beverages, in 2013.

What he did have was an appreciation for the passion behind the flourishing craft beer industry. Today the company has grown to 13 locations serving more than 100 American-brewed beers, hard cider, draught wine and handcrafted non-alcoholic beverages such as root beer and kombucha tea.

Beers are served in one of nine differently shaped glasses, each shape chosen to best enhance the flavor, color and aroma of each beer.

The executive chef-driven menu changes daily and varies by location, offering signature appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, salads, entrees and desserts. Pubs average 3,000 square feet; tables are made from sustainable bamboo and the bar tops from recycled plywood scraps.

Most locations offer live entertainment, games and trivia nights. Customers typically run the gamut from young to mature adults, and families are welcome.

“The craft beer experience is all about having conversations, people sharing what they know with friends, people being entertained,” White says. “Plus, the craft beer industry is very trendy with the trends driven by the customers. We strive to stay on top of that by listening both to our customers and our brewery partners.”

Growler USA
Centennial, Colo.
Founder and CEO: Dan White
Locations: 13


Liz Parks is a Union City, N.J.-based writer with extensive experience reporting on retail, pharmacy and technology issues.


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