Kick off those heels — and swap them out


At long last, here it is: the Holy Grail, right underfoot.

Mime et moi has created a single shoe that works for a variety of situations. It has numerous interchangeable heel heights and shapes, easily swapped out on a patented sole. The wearer simply slides a lever underneath, pulls the heel off, closes the lever and slides on a new heel before adding body weight.

The idea isn’t just different shoes for different days; it’s also touted as the perfect option for commuting, the office and then time out after work.

The shoes come in several colors and materials. So far, the Munich-based company only ships to Europe (the shoes are made in Spain), though that could soon change as word quickly spreads. A recent Kickstarter campaign for the company’s #myheroes collection brought in more than $230,000 with a week still left, considerably more than its original $110,000 goal.

Each pair comes with the choice of two heels, with additional heels available for purchase; all told, options range from one to four inches tall, with high heels in both block and stiletto. What more could you possibly need?


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