Keeping back to school in hand


Stymied by the fact it’s already time for school to start again? Never fear: It’s not too late to catch last-minute shoppers, especially on mobile. Drawing from a variety of studies and an analysis of search and purchase behavior, Yahoo has offered some key insights: First, the busiest day for consumers to search back-to-school discounts on mobile last year was August 14, at a rate of 660 percent above the daily average.

Also of interest: Nearly half of back-to-school purchases happen in July and August, with August back-to-school purchase volume about three times higher than average.

Overall, according to Yahoo, online back-to-school shopping has increased more than 75 percent over the last five years. Related searches on mobile devices increased 34 percent from 2015 to 2016, and mobile searches for school apparel have been of particular interest.

“Shoppers aren’t necessarily in-market for all things at once, nor does back-to-school shopping end in August,” Yahoo reports. “Marketers should consider tailoring their messages to the types of products consumers need at specific times through the summer and early fall months and throughout each week.”

Taking notes?


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